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Investment Abroad – Instant Loans

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The ECB’s low interest rates and the low capital requirements of the banks are hardly enough for German savers. Quite the opposite: The inflation rate is now higher than the interest rate, in fact, the money in the bank is thus continuously less. As there are fewer and fewer return opportunities for investments in Germany, […]

Loan for Account Balance – Favorable Monthly Rates – Matching Offers

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  Many bank customers will be provided with a disposition credit by their bank. Since overdrawing the checking account is very expensive, therefore a credit for account balance can be profitable. This credit line enables the account holder to cover his current account by the agreed amount. Often the account can be overdrawn by one, […]

Renovation Loan Calculator – Renovation loan from 0.69%

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It starts in most cases quite harmless – actually, only the corridor should be repainted. Since the color break to the other rooms but too precipitous, they should also be painted. And if already new color, then another time. And so that fits better with the furniture, is also equal to a new sofa in […]

Loan for part-time employees ▷ Low interest rates even for part-time jobs

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A part-time job loan is no different from a loan for a full-time job. The same characteristics apply for lending. First of all, the question arises as to whether a small income is sufficient to finance the desired rate. This can be found out very quickly with a credit comparison calculator. If the planned term […]